The beginning of something great!

We are in the process of selecting and contacting Nordic regions, which we would like to explore and showcase on our platform.

The pilot projects will be a research and developing workshops in the regions, together with the managing organisations and experience providers, SMEs. 


  • Create a travel offer according to the Scandinavian Summits product platform for international FIT and group travels.

  • Launch communication plan for domestic and international visitors – with focus on the German, Dutch and English markets.

  • Connect the offer with tour operators in the target markets.

  • Collect Storytelling material: history, signature sights, portrait interviews with suppliers and local personalities, guiding map.

Pilot package

  • Secondary research on the information about the region

  • Visiting & testing the region and meeting the companies.

  • Collecting and screening existing content and brand material

  • Collecting feedback from SMEs

  • Working with destination branding; identity and USP

  • Defining the right package to utilise the area + SME infrastructure capabilities

  • Defining potential for further destination development

  • Discussion business and communication opportunities 

  • Mapping the destination for the travel product according to the Scandinavian Summits platform

  • Defining marketing content for the use in international communication

  • Packaging pilot FAM and influencer trips

  • Packaging concrete travel offers to tour-operators and agencies 


We calculate 4-8 days for a pilot project. We are aiming to utilise EU and regional funding options.

Scandinavian Summits is a project of Skandinavien Institut Berlin/Brandenburg.

Program partners for the pilot project are members of the Skandinavien Institut:

MANDEL - Branding and Marketing Consulting & Communication within Outdoor & Travel

FlowHouse - Digital Content Consultancy with Focus on Travel & Tourism.