Inspire to connect

Our dream is to inspire and engage people to connect back to nature and take active steps to define their goals in the most beautiful surroundings in Scandinavia.

We challenge the individual traveler and small groups to sign up to our Nordic-High-Five challenge. Plan your hike up to the highest point of each of the countries in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway and receive the official certificate “Nordic-High-Five”.

We invite groups of friends and family to the most hidden gems and unexplored hikes in all Scandinavia. We introduce the regions and offer travel guidance and tours from all parts of the world with our local partners.


We call this “Microadventure 2.0”. Please make good use for the nature area around your home and prepare for your trip up north, may it be a long hike with big backpack or a soft walk with preparing food on an open fire and enjoying the stories on selected cultural, geological and historical paths.


Trust that we have been to all places and can help you with informing, guiding and even arranging your travels.



Scandinavia is symbol and allegory for many expressions which describe calmness, beauty, heritage, culture history, stunning nature and also progress and innovation.

The world is watching up to the nordic countries with admiration and some subliminal admiration in how people treat each other with respect and gratitude and how they connect with their natural surroundings to understand, they are part of it. It is only natural, the wish to act responsibly and sustainably and share the attitude with all of us.

The nordic countries are magic for us in every sense. We loved our mission to visit all summits, the highest point of the Nordics, to be recognise this fantastic variety of all the characteristic 
landscapes in Scandinavia. We invite and encourage you to follow us. 


The word barely exists and creates smiles and consent, when combining the word hiking with mindfulness.

Everyone who experiences nature does this in a very own way, tempo, rhythm and behaviour. Also what we receive from nature can be individually different and unique. The magic which comes with playful winds, soothing sunbeams, soft walking paths and refreshing waters wait on us to be recognised and realised again. It might take a short walk only, when you are landing in a state where your life seems quite complete, your sorrows are far away and this moment is the most precious thing you would like to concentrate on. Just here and now.


We believe that there are magical places with wonderful stories everywhere in Scandinavia. Paths which are not beaten down yet and wait to be discovered. Regions which carry gripping stories, dramatic landscapes, fascinating geological wonders and just perfect space for exhilarating discoveries during your day hike. We are on the look out to find the hidden gems in all Nordic countries and will gradually tell about them to you.


Some parts of Lapland and Iceland are regarded as the last wilderness of Europa.

If you travel those remote places, you understand how precious and majestic nature can unfold in front of you and how valuable it is to be able to spend time an connect and indulge into the tremendous scenery. You will learn how the inhabitants protect nature, live with animals and preserve the rich culture and strong heritage.


We have traveled most corners and tried many options to get to places. Travelling responsibly became eye-opening to us. Local transport systems are often better and more fun than we generally believe. We escaped into silent valleys off the most busy season and tracks. We found friends who were as curious as we are, travelling with the same portion of flexibility and eagerness. We learned about organic food and nature super power, such as blue berries and chanterelle mushrooms. Travelling off season and planning a rather longer stay will be highly appreciated by the region, since they are most of the year and happy to meet you. We decided to line up our services along the UN Agenda 2030 with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.